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News Date: 17/11/2014 13:42:04
Update Date: 20/11/2014 13:14:09 The Complete Investment Solution website proudly announces providing the best complete investment solution for all types of traders, through the professional sections at the website that serve both individuals and corporates.


Here are the main sections of the website:


Technical Analysis:

Where the financial markets’ instruments are studied and analyzed deeply to provide the traders with the best trends’ expectations.

At the Technical Analysis section, you can find both the Direct summarized expectations through the technical analysis tables that shows the required information for any trader, and also the detailed reasons of why we expect the trend’s destination, which can be viewed through the Technical Reason and the chart’s buttons at the same tables:



Also, another important thing, is the Technical Streaming, which shows the instantly added technical reports listed right into this page, and without needing to refresh this page, all reports will appear to you directly once inserted or updated.



News & Fundamental Analysis:

To assure that we are covering the major economic actions that affect the markets, delivering the best news’ analysis that assists the traders to get the right trades.


Trading Strategies: provides the direct recommendations and trading strategies for Forex Market, as this section provides a direct signals including wide range of currencies and commodities, these recommendations contain exact details about the entry point besides the exit points; whether with a profit of loss.


More details about the Trading Strategies section, through this link

Risk Management:

For brokers, the process of clearing/hedging their clients’ positions is considered as the most sensitive part of their business, that is why there should be a strong risk management system that handles this crucial work.


More details about the Risk Management section, through this link


Arab Markets:

To meet the growing needs of the investors and to maximize the use of the Arab Markets Stocks’ trading, the Technical Analysis and Studies Department provides the professional technical analysis for customers and investors in the Arab Markets to assist them in making the right investment decision, and to provide as much information as possible to cover most aspects of the various market.


More details about the Arab Markets section, through this link

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