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The dollar is back in the lead ! - 17-04-2020

News Date: 17/4/2020 07:26:57

Since the first hours of the day – April 17 – the dollar topped the list of currencies and achieved the highest turnover rate of 1.0880, but it soon began to decline, reaching now to 1.0820, and these ratios are still fluctuating from hour to hour, and it has not yet emerged to any points that the latter will extend.

The euro exchange rate achieved our expectations against the US dollar during yesterday’s trading session, and according to the small pourcentages reached by the euro against the dollar 1.0910 by 0.2%, it is expected that the euro will continue to decline and know large losses for the third day in a row against the US dollar.

While the US dollar fell against the Japanese yen by 0.18% to 107.73 levels compared to the first levels at 107.92 after it was the lowest level during the trading session at 107.65.

As was fully expected, the value of the US dollar increased against the Turkish lira during yesterday’s trading session, as the price reached 6.92, and given all these indicators, rates of change and ratios, it is expected that the latter will know an accidental swing.

The New Zealand dollar pair rose against the US dollar by 0.72% to 0.6011 levels compared to the opening levels that were stable at 0.5968, and the highest level recorded for the New Zealand pair during trading was 0.6023, while the lowest level reached at 0.5964.

Between yesterday and today session, gold experienced a fluctuation between yesterday and today session, between the levels of 1706 and 1730 dollars, by 0.9%, and based on its closing yesterday at the price of 1715 dollars, while silver prices retreated to the level of 15.73, compared to the previous level where it was stable At 15.89.

As for oil, as it reached its highest rate at the beginning of the day at 20.1350, it quickly retreated , as it reached 18.4500 !

The dollar Is expected to witness a jump of its kind against the euro !

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