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The decay that oil knows, will it succeed in dealing with it ? - 22-04-2020

News Date: 22/4/2020 04:14:24

After the collapse of US crude prices below zero dollars yesterday – April 21 – and, as expected, the futures contracts for Nymex crude – contracts that will be delivered next June – continued to decline during the first session in the first hours of the morning, as Brent crude contracts fell to their lowest levels .

After reaching yesterday’s high of 1678.45, gold continues to rise and rise, bringing the price to 1686.19, meaning that it has advanced by 0.1125%, and it is expected that it will continue to rise today, while silver prices fell by 0.70, to roll at levels, $ 14,97 from $ 15.08.

Once again, the US dollar returned to suffer, after the price of one dollar reached 1418 against a unit of the Canadian dollar, or 1,240%, the same with the Swiss franc, which has become equal to only 0.969 against the dollar, with a rate of 0,194%.

On the other side, the value of the dollar falls against the euro and the pound sterling, as the value of its decline against the pound reached 1,2317 (1 dollar = 1,2317 pounds sterling), while it decreased against the euro by 0,115%, leaving the euro 1,0865 against one dollar.

As for the Japanese yen against the dollar, the sins are still stable until now

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