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The Australian dollar resumes the height, and a large demand for the US dollar as a good deal to trade – 07-05-2020

News Date: 7/5/2020 04:20:07

A week after its price fell to its lowest levels, the Australian dollar resumed its increase, as it reached 0,19% this morning, or 1,56 Australian dollars against one US dollar, compared to the last week in which its price fell to 1.53.


In light of this, the Japanese yen recorded a further decline, as it fell by an impressive 0.57% compared to yesterday – 0.47% - and its price fell to 106.26 Japanese yen against a US dollar unit, after it was sitting at 106.36 Yesterday, and before it at 106.75 two days ago .


The Canadian dollar fluctuated by a small percentage to return to the level of 1.41 Canadian dollars against 1 US dollar (the same value that was witnessed two days ago ). As for yesterday, it was stable at 1.40, and the value of this change was estimated at 0.17%.


After making relatively progress yesterday, the New Zealand dollar is turning its positive track to continue its downward trend, as it reached today’s value 0.6019 against the US dollar, after ending yesterday’s trading at 0.6022.


On the other side, the US dollar continues to fall against :

Pound sterling : 1 pound = $ 1.23.

Swiss franc : 1 Swiss franc = $ 1.03.

EUR : 1 EUR = 1,08 USD.


The price of the dollar is expected to rise, especially after the recent turnout by businessmen, and on the contrary, it is expected that the British pound will fall due to preparations to reopen the British economy.


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