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Dow Jones surprises the whole world with a catastrophic recession ! - 14-05-2020

News Date: 14/5/2020 05:49:36

Due to the repercussions of the virus on the American economy, the Dow Jones index declined today until it reached rock bottom, as it declined by 2.17%, due to the downward trend in the economy, which the world and the American economy in particular knew. In turn, the Nasdaq fell by 1.55%, which is why the future vision is still somewhat blurry !

And continued with news of the major currencies : the pound fell against the US dollar due to the downturn, which affected its impact on economic data, including industrial output, gross domestic product, trade balance, in addition to manufacturing industries, to stabilize the pound at 1,2204, and the value of This drop by 1.02%, and the trend for GBP/USD is expected for the rest of the day a general downward, as the price of the US dollar rose on a number of major currencies, to be traded on Thursday against the euro at 1.08, and the US dollar reached 0.99729 Swiss francs, while he knew The Japanese yen up and stopped at 106,80 , Compared to yesterday, 107.00 against a unit of the US dollar.

Oil prices are back down by 2%, after some recovery and stability were expected ! It’s sitting at $ 26,174 a barrel, and a bearish general tendency is expected today as well as in the short term unless it penetrates beyond the level of $ 26.74 a barrel !

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