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Japanese stock indices continue to rise for the third day in a row -20-05-2020

News Date: 20/5/2020 07:34:01

For the third day in a row, Japanese stock indices ended the day trading higher, supported by the hopes of reopening the economy, as the Nikkei 225 rose by 0.79% to win 203.66 points and reach the level of 20,637, as the broader Topix index in Japan increased by 0 , 58%, to win 8.69 points, and settle at 1,494.74.

In addition to reopening the economy, this decision came in line with the government’s decision to lift the emergency situations in some areas in Japan, and the remaining areas will be considered.

In light of the decline in the price of the dollar, US stocks end today’s trading with a drop in share prices, including the Standard Power 500, which fell by about 1.05%, and the Nasdaq index by about 0.54%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 1.59% .

The oil futures contracts for July delivery are relatively stable. Brent oil contracts for July delivery were traded at $ 34.75 a barrel, while West Texas crude oil contracts fell to $ 31.94 a barrel.

The New Zealand dollar is back towards excel, to settle at 0.61 dollars, compared to the price of 0.60 yesterday, the increase rate is 1.75%, while the dollar pair against the euro rose to 1.09 dollars, however a general downward trend is expected for today, While the Japanese yen and the US dollar fell sharply at $ 107.64. Overall the New Zealand dollar prevailed, with gains for both the British pound and the Australian dollar.


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