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Due to the economic concerns … the dollar and gold are at the height of their recovery – 19-06-2020

News Date: 19/6/2020 08:10:46

The dollar is making its way towards achieving the best weekly gain over the month on Friday, thanks to the support payments it receives from economic concerns about Corona, which will not allow the field to achieve rapid economic recovery, especially after the number of Corona virus infection exceeded 8 million and a half million cases according to The World Health Organization report, while death toll has reached 791,456, and the United States ranks first with 2 million and 200,000 cases, followed by Brazil, Russia, India, then Britain.

The US dollar pair rose against the Australian dollar by 0.3%, to settle at the level of 0,687 US dollars, the euro stabilized at $ 1.12, while the dollar pair against the British pound settled at 1,243 dollars, after the rise in British retail sales, while he identified Bank of China exchange the Japanese yen against the US dollar at the level of 7,0913 dollars.

Japanese stocks closed yesterday’s trading, as the Nikkei 225 index rose by 123.33 points, or 0.55% to 22,478.79, while the broader Topix index recorded a decline of about 0.0101%, and closed at 1,582,80 points.

Gold futures are up 0.45% today, traded in August at $ 1706.20, and the yellow metal has received demand as a safe haven, in light of fears and concerns about a second wave of HIV infections.

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