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Oil prices are still harvesting losses! 29-06-2020

News Date: 29/6/2020 05:49:33

Oil prices continued to lose their losses after the recovery in demand decreased, due to the high number of injuries they suffer, and Brent crude fell by the same percentage 2%, which in turn pays to the price of $ 40.21 a barrel. Oil losses in some countries are still a strong focus of the virus, while improving Demand for oil in other countries due to the easing of isolation measures and the mandatory ban.


Japanese stocks fell today, as the Nikkei 225 fell 2.3% to 21995.04 points, approximately practices 21,995.04, while the broader Topix index lost 1.8% to 1549.22 points near the standards 1,549.22.

On the other hand, against the European shares strongly, the Stoxx 600 index rose by 0.2%, and outperformed the number of shares including : the German Payments Company share that jumped by 93.6%, and AMS shares jumped 6.6%.


The Japanese yen exchange rate stabilized against the US dollar at 107.24 dollars, while the Swiss franc exchange rate stabilized at 0.94 dollars, in relation to the Australian dollar pair against the US dollar by 0.20%, stable at 0.668 dollars levels, also declined The pound sterling against the US dollar rate of 0.64%, to stabilize the exchange rate of the British pound at 1.23 dollars.


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