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The rise in the world oil prices, amid the decline in US oil stocks : 15-07-2020

News Date: 15/7/2020 05:51:44

Oil still faces the challenges behind the imbalances between supply and demand due to the economic deterioration, as Brent crude futures rose 0.54% this morning to be traded at $ 43.12, while futures contracts for NYMEX increased by 0.55%, to stabilize At $ 40.51. However, data from the American Petroleum Institute indicated that 8 million 322 thousand barrels of American inventory fell for the first week of this month – July, which exceeded analysts’ expectations, which was only estimated at 2 million and 100 thousand barrels.


Gold futures fell 0.25% down to $ 1808.95 an ounce. The yellow metal contracts were traded previously on a session lower towards $ 1810.85 an ounce.

Silver futures for September delivery fell 0.53%, to trade at $ 19.63 an ounce.


Japanese shares started this morning with an unprecedented rise to record the highest levels, thanks to the hopes encouraging growth and economic stability, and supported by the study of a vaccine for Coronavirus, after which the Nikkei rose 1.59% to the price of 22,945.5 points, while the Topix index achieved 1589, 51 points, after rising 1.56%.


In Britain, the inflation index rose in an unusual way, increasing by 0.6% for the month of June, compared to the 0.5% that was recorded in May, according to the National Statistics Office, this level, which was far from expected ( 0.4%).

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