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Corona virus numbers in America peak! 17-07-2020

News Date: 17/7/2020 03:05:05

We start the economic developments today with the rise in gold futures contracts for August delivery, as they increased by 0.13% to be traded at the price of 1797.95 dollars an ounce, exceeding the price of 1799.70, which was expected to be reached previously.


On the other hand, silver futures contracts fell, dropping by 0.79% to be traded at $ 19,418 an ounce.


Also, oil futures rose according to the New York Mercantile Exchange, as crude oil contracts for August delivery increased by 0.07%, reaching 40.78 dollars a barrel at the time of writing, and it is expected that crude oil will find support points at a price of 39.07 dollars. While the contracts for NYMEX September delivery increased by 0.02%, to be traded at $ 43.36 a barrel.


Yesterday, US stocks ended their trading lower, as the Dow Jones declined by 0.50%, while the Nasdaq Index fell by 0.73%, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index lost 0.34% at the end of trading in New York. This led to losses in various sectors, including the technology and natural gas sectors.


While Japanese stocks keep their indicators high, the Nikkei rose in the beginning of trading by 0.16%, recording 22,807.57 points, while the Topix index rose by 0.12% to reach 1581.00 points.


Conclusion with the developments of Corona, the number of injuries is still rising dramatically ! Recorded 75 thousand cases of infection yesterday, Thursday, a record repeated for the seventh time this month ! While the deaths due to the Covid virus reached 19, its highest level since the month of June, and perhaps the most prominent states that constitute the hotbeds of the virus, we find : Florida, California, Texas and Arizona.

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