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Oil futures and gold futures are fresh, the Dow Jones climbs by about 0.6% : 22-07-2020

News Date: 22/7/2020 00:32:18

Getting started with oil updates :

The oil futures contracts for September delivery increased by 0.33% this morning, to be traded at $ 41.78 a barrel, and they were traded in advance by expecting to stabilize at $ 41.80 a barrel. It is also expected that oil will find support points down at 39, 98 dollars, and resistance points at 42.51 dollars.

The price of Brent crude for September delivery increased by 0.2%, to be traded at $ 44.23 a barrel, while crude oil futures contracts for September delivery increased by 1.49%, to be traded also at $ 41.53 a barrel.


The gold futures contract rebounded, with a 1.41% August delivery, to be traded at $ 1843.10 an ounce.


US stocks closed at the end of Tuesday on a rise, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 0.60%, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index rose by 0.17%, while the Nasdaq index fell by 0.181%, thus it recorded gains In several sectors, we mention : the oil and natural gas sector, the raw materials sector, and some other sectors were negatively affected and recorded losses that led the indicators downward, such as the technology sector, health services, services and health sector.


On the other side, Japanese stock indices are trading lower, as the benchmark Nikkei fell 0.4% to 22791.75 points, while the broader Topix index fell 0.29% to reach 1578.10 points.

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