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The US dollar opens the week, declining 24-08-2020

News Date: 24/8/2020 07:44:30

The dollar opened the week’s trading, declining, due to the development of health conditions in its negative curve due to the spread of the Corona pandemic, and because of the attempt to find a treatment for the virus, which caused the dollar to lose its strength and thus record the largest number of losses, although they are slight losses according to investors’ study of the possibilities of what will result from the Jackson symposium The annual Hall, which will be hosted by FOMC later in the week, and what may be announced during it about the future of monetary policy in the United States of America.

As the US dollar index declined in the first hours of the day by 0.1%, to indicate 93.13, and the US dollar pair rose against the British pound by 0.2%, to be traded at $ 1,3107, and the US dollar pair was also traded against the yen. Japanese at $ 105.81.

While the US dollar against the euro achieved a rise in the currency market, after it rose by 0.1% to the level of 1,1802 dollars.


The impact of the dollar’s ​​decline on the pace of gold price development, as futures contracts for gold fell 0.2 percent to 1942.6 dollars an ounce, after hitting the level of 1910.99 dollars last Friday.

While the silver futures contract fell 1.6% to 26.26 dollars an ounce.


On the other hand, the Nikkei index rose by 0.28%, to close at 22985.51 points, while the broader Topix index increased by 0.19% to reach the level of 1607.13 points.

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