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Global decline in the yellow metal … and the dollar affected! 31-08-2020

News Date: 31/8/2020 08:11:31

Gold prices experienced a remarkable decline at the beginning of the week after it concluded its Asian trading at a high, affected by the great rush of investors, if this morning the gold futures contracts decreased by 0.2%, to the latter being traded at $ 1,978.85 per ounce, which was reflected in the  state of the US dollar : as this contributed to its decline, but more than that, as it is expected that the dollar’s ​​decline will be recorded for the fourth consecutive month, although it is stable against most of the major currencies.


As for the silver futures contract, it rose by 1.2%, to trade at $ 27.82 an ounce, thus climbing towards the fifth consecutive monthly gain, an increase of more than 14%.


In talking about Japanese indices, the Nikkei index rose in the first hours of today, Monday, in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, as it rose by 1.16%, towards the level of 23147 points, while the broader Topix index rose by 1.06% to reach the level of 1621. , 93 points.

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