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The Gold Futures Rises : 18-09-2020

News Date: 18/9/2020 06:02:31
Update Date: 18/9/2020 06:02:44

Gold futures rose for December delivery according to the Asian session on Friday.

As it increased by 0.47%, to be traded at the price of 1959.00 dollars per ounce, and it was previously traded at a price of 1963.2 dollars per ounce, and it is expected that gold will find support points down at the price of 1938.20 dollars, and the points of resistance At a price of 1938.8 dollars per ounce.

Silver futures contracts for December delivery rose 0.66%, to be able to trade at a price of $ 27,280 an ounce.

In contrast, the contract for the natural rushing, handing over the judgment, at a rate of 3.13%, equivalent, at a price of 1.978 dollars against one million British thermal units, and the contracts have been modified, in advance, at a decrease until the price of 1.931 dollars per million British thermal units, It is also expected that natural gas will find support points at $ 1.957 and resistance points at $ 2.399.

Also, the price of crude oil for October increased by 0.07%, to be able to trade it at $ 40.94 a barrel.


Japanese stock indices rose : the benchmark Nikkei index rose 0.01%, to 23,321.19 points, while the broader Topix index rose 0.03% to 1638.89 points.

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