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Trump continues to question the results of the presidential election : 11-11-2020

News Date: 11/11/2020 08:58:20

Trump is still trying to raise the curtain on the corruption – as he claims – which was defined by the polling process in the last major US election that was sorted by Democrat Joe Biden, and Trump assured that he will continue on his way to the end, and he stated through his tweet : « The corruption of the ballot will be revealed tonight at the hour. 9 :00 pm with Sean Hannity on Fox News. « 

Fox News cut off the broadcast of a conference for President Trump’s campaign, which filed more than a dozen lawsuits in five US states, when accusations of fraud began, and the most important thing is to question the vote, and Fox News said that the indictment must be supported by evidence and evidence.

And Trump refused to accept the result and adhered to his opinion, Biden described it as a shameful ! Especially since Trump keeps tweeting.


This event had no impact on the markets, as investors are busy shifting from technology stocks to shares of the economy, and both oil and gold futures contracts rose, and US stock indices climbed :

Gold futures contracts rose during today’s trading to continue their performance, after falling more than 5% on Monday, and contracts rose today by 0.03% to trade at a price of $ 1.877 an ounce. Hopes for a massive stimulus package have weakened the dollar, which means pushing the yellow metal forward.

US stock indices also rose : the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and Standard-End Poor’s, in addition to the rise in oil futures contracts.

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