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The US dollar managed to rise: 12-11-2020

News Date: 12/11/2020 08:11:42

The US dollar manage this morning, to achieve progress during the trading session, as the « safe currency » rose by 0.04% to indicate 93.073, and the dollar fell against the Japanese yen by 0.1% to trade at 105.28, the dollar also fell against the euro. By 0.1%, to refer to 1.1770. On the other hand, the Australian dollar fell by a rate of 0.2% to record 0.7262, and it continues to decline after it had hit its highest price in 8 weeks at a price of 0.734. Come on without forgetting the pressure on the British currency after the President of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde warned that the epidemic is still widespread in Europe.


Gold futures contracts rose during today’s trading, as the rise remained unchanged to 0.37%, to be traded at $ 1,868.6 an ounce.

Oil futures also rose. By 12 :02 ET, oil had advanced by 0.18 percent, to trade at $ 43.88 a barrel. As for the futures contracts for crude, it rose by 0.27%, to trade at $ 41.56 a barrel, and thus all oil rods trade above $ 40 a barrel.

Perhaps among the most prominent reasons for the increase in oil is optimism about the expected Corona vaccine, as well as possible cuts in production. It has risen by more than 12% since the opening of the week’s trading, and has managed to return to above the $ 40 barrier, despite the continued worsening of the epidemiological situation.

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