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Oil and gold futures contracts closed the week’s trading on the decline

News Date: 18/11/2022 03:00:58

Gold futures fell by 0.71%, according to the New York Stock Exchange, it was traded in December at $ 1763.25 an ounce. It was previously traded at $1763.25 an ounce. Gold is expected to find support at $1755.8 and resistance at $1791.8.

Crude oil futures contracts also fell during the Asian session, by 3.68%, to be traded at $82.44.



The US stocks closed lower at the end of yesterday’s trading, to accompany their indices to the downside and record a number of losses, the most important of which were losses in public sectors and institutions, consumer services sectors as well as basic materials.


With the beginning of trading on Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 0.02%, while the Nasdaq index weakened by about 0.35%, while the Standard Index at the Poor’s 500 recorded a decrease of 0.31%, as hawkish statements from one of the responsible members led On the US Federal Reserve Board, some investors are worried about a further rise in interest rates.


The US dollar has declined in recent weeks, as indicated by Federal Reserve officials, in addition to high inflation data (the interest rate is currently stable between 3.75% and 4% after a series of sharp increases), it is expected that the bank will slow down the pace of raising interest rates.

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