FX Highway Clinic

Now and for the first time, Fxhighway.com provides a specialized Forex Clinic that consists from a high qualified technical analysis and trading team, and high ability to deal with the opened positions in Forex Market.

All you need is to send your request explaining the status of the opened position in your trading account plus detailed information about your balance, equity, number of opened lots for the required pair, in addition to the number of all opened positions in the trading account.

We will deal and advise you with one pair for each request.

Our reply will contain a direct recommendation of closing or hedging the current opened position, or any other way that suits the current account status in order to heal the floating loss and turn it back to the best profit levels. Also the close support and resistance levels that will help determine the best way to deal with these opened positions.

Cost for advise is $25.00 per pair.

Please fill in the following required information: