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Trump's arrival to the White House and the affect on global markets - 09/11/2016

News Date: 9/11/2016 10:20:33

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump progress on Hillary Clinton in the electoral votes that needs any of the candidates to gain 270 of the total of its 538 votes to win the US presidency.


Trump got 274 votes against 215 for Clinton, while winning requires getting at least 270 votes, and that after the announcement of the official results in most of the states of the East, and the middle American.


CNN network reported that the world's financial markets fell sharply at a time when US allies began to hold emergency meetings with security and funds agencies to assess the impact of the arrival of the Republican candidate Donald Trump to the White House.


And US stocks fell on Wednesday November 9th more than 4% -5% after Donald Trump victory, the candidate for the Republican Party in the US presidential election.


By the time 05: 2 GMT S& P 500 index fell 5.01% to record 2028.50 points, reaching its lowest level since June 29, and "NASDAQ" index of technology companies fell 5.08% to record 4558.50 points, its lowest level since July 15 last . The "Dow Jones" Industrial Index fell 4.52% to 17,459 points, its lowest level since 29 June.


And the yield on US government bonds, 10 year "Treasury bonds," fell 13 basis points to 1.73%, as well as Treasury bonds revenue, the 30 years fell 6 basis points to 2.56%.


As it is expected that the rest of the global markets, which at the present times are sharply fluctuating, will be affected by the victory of the Republican candidate Donald Trump in the US presidential election due to the changes that could hit the economic policies of the United States of America, the world's largest economy, especially in light of the economic crisis streak that hit the global economy due to the global economic crisis in 2008.

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