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Relative advance of the New Zealand dollar against the US dollar – 06-05-2020

News Date: 6/5/2020 03:13:31

Although it fell to its lowest levels, after reaching the highest levels (1.69) three weeks ago, the New Zealand dollar returned to budge and made relatively progress by 0.613%, reaching 0.660% in the first hour of the day, and continued to fluctuate between rising and decline . As for the NZD it settles at 0.6062 against a unit of the American dollar.

And the return with the developments of the Japanese yen, which continued to decline for a period of one month in particular – from the sixth of April to the sixth of May – in which he witnessed a catastrophic decline that was not interrupted by any periods of fluctuation, as today it reached 106.36 Japanese yen against the US dollar, after it was stable at 106.75 on yesterday , the low of 0.47. And in a small percentage, the Canadian dollar fell, after it was fixed yesterday at 1.41 per US dollar, and today it has fallen to 1.40 (per US dollar), and although it has changed slightly, it has been estimated at 0.440%, While the value of the US dollar fell in front of :

Swiss franc ($ 1 = 0.97 Swiss francs)

Euro (1 USD = 0.92 EUR)

British Pound (US $ 1 = 0,80 Pounds)


Conclusion with oil and silver prices :

Since the first hours of the day, the silver index has risen to 14.91, to settle now at 15,073, an estimated increase of 1.53%, and oil is due to rise towards a peak two days ago, as it achieved its highest percentage today at a rate of 26,184 dollars per barrel, and is expected to fluctuate at the same Levels. A full oil recovery is expected after all the consequences incurred by the crisis.

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